Vote. Modern adaptations. Using impeccable logic, I answer who would win in a battle between Zeus & … Zeus is easily a mountain lifter and buster, as a teen he overthrew his father, who has powerful time manipulation, he can fire powerful lightning bolts (more powerful than Thor, I believe), he can shapeshift, change size, has quick regen, etc. The Greek and Scandinavian civilizations weren't related to that degree nor did they exist at a close time. Although Zeus and Thor are Jupiter is Roman God equivelent of Greek God Zeus. but i equally doubt that they'd be able to do so against a king, or significantly powerful jotun. Jarnsaxa Thor had two sons named Magni and Modi. 4 Answers. Zeus was the king of gods,he had seniority over Thor and even if thor was his uncle then Zeus could have still won. a mistress named Jarnsaxa. get ur facts straight, No way man.... Thor is NORSE MYTHOLOGY and Zeus is GREEK MYTHOLOGY... How can it'll be related ? Loki is the blood brother of Odin {Óðinn/Woden} not Thor. They are not related, I'm asuming that you are a gamer or read comics because no where in greek or norse mythology is that implied and for the record Zeus would win over thor any day. Thor vs. Zeus. Who's faster? VIDEO: Wonder Woman vs. Thor, Which God Would Win? Round 2. Thor, or Thor Odinson, is the God of Thunder, who wields his trusty hammer, Mjölnir. Along with all his other gear, Thor also had a chariot. Given the alternate realities and rebooted timelines of superhero comics, With the two having many things in common, fans have often debated who would win between the two. The funny thing is I have actually done research on this at the collegiate level. What the hell did Allah do? Personally I think Billy would be more interesting than Diana to go against Thor >> Imagine you fighting a baby. Round 1) Thor just has Mjolnir. Thor, along with all the Bonus round: MCU Odin replaces Thor they both have a enourmus amount of strength. 0 0. I'd rather be protected and free more so than be owned.... Thor! Thor got married to Siff and had Before we get to his life as god of all gods though, lets talk about his childhood. report. Favorite Answer. They are the same entity. ... Lu Bu vs Thor. Zeus vs Thor who would win in a fight? Zeus is Thor nephew. Kratos kills it both rounds. Since Cronus knew that one of his sons was going to be stronger than him, everytime Rhea gave birth, he swallowed the baby. . Zeus. Sirron Kcuhc. While Thor possesses incredible strength, speed, and power. Thor vs. Zeus. As for Thor or Zeus, it would be Zeus since he's got 400 hit points and is the head of his pantheon whereas Thor is the son of the head of his pantheon. 85% Upvoted. What is the illuminati in the eyes of conspiracy theorists or people on the internet? Answer Save. kratos i know thor is a god but kratos is to an kratos killed hades,hercules the strongest mortal an he killed zeus the god of all gods an zues would kill thor to an zues is stronger than kratos an thor so thor wouldnt stand a chance an zues is the god of lightning like zues but better an kratos killed zues an got the sword of alimpus an became the new god so kratos would kill thor 10000 times Regardless, we at CBR think Zeus Vs. Thor would be quite the contest! They are the same entity. . Stan Lee, rest his beautiful soul, did a complete different take on the mythologies. Who would win. Favourite answer. they fought twice in comics . However the greeks had nothing to do with thor!! Now that you know about These amazing gods, you can cast your vote for who you think is the better god. THOR (marvel) Zeus (Marvel) Raijin (Raiden) Shango (Storm - Marvel) Round 3. Modern adaptations. Relevance. With zeus growing quickly, it wasnt long before he grew into a great new god. Team Deathmatch: Thor + Storm vs. Zeus + Raiden. share. This fight will contain SPOILERS for The Sword of Summer. Free For all. 4 Answers. Odin, I have never heard of him having an equal match but Thor & Zeus both fought losing battles before. Odin, I have never heard of him having an equal match but Thor & Zeus … What? And the whole entire universe. Team Thor! I love all mythology, and don't care which it is. He and the rest of his sibilings defeated the titans who were very powerful in their own right. Thor is the Brother of Kronos. With that in mind, I would said Zeus too. Continue to read at your own risk. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. In terms of their power, i have no idea. Lv 7. I would, have, and still WILL read all mythology. Zeus is the Lord of Sky and ruler of Olympus. Then give yourself have a fully loaded AR-15. The DC and Marvel Universes each have their own superhero deities saving the day. Are both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for Tom Holland Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 2021. Be sure to subscribe! As for Thor or Zeus, it would be Zeus since he's got 400 hit points and is the head of his pantheon whereas Thor is the son of the head of his pantheon. But in everything else, Thor. The chariot was pulled by two goats named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjo'ster. However in a battle, Thor with Mjolnir and Hercules with his Golden Mace, Thor would win as the range of his powers granted by Mjolnir is greater and more versatile than those of Hercules." Zeuses mother was Rhea and his father was Cronus. Mythology based feats. Zeuses, along with all the other gods, lives ontop of Mount Olympus with his two brothers, three sisters, and eight children. What I mean is I did a research paper on comparative mythology between Zeus and Odin in a myths in literature class I had taken. 5 THE ANTI-MONITOR Were you disappointed Marvel hasn't announced X-Men in Phase 4 or 5 yet? 3892. 9 years ago. 9 years ago. When Rhea was expected to give birth for the sixth time, she decided to save the babay by hiding him. 85% Upvoted. ways, they also differ in what there role was in mythology. He is the GOd of GODS. In my mind Thor is the Ares to Odin's Zeus, but titles are irrelevant, so I can spit some fears. Zeus is easily a mountain lifter and buster, as a teen he overthrew his father, who has powerful time manipulation, he can fire powerful lightning bolts (more powerful than Thor, I believe), he … The God of Thunder vs the Prince of Power! close fight! If anyone can get down and dirty with him, its Kratos. Thor vs Odin vs Loki Allah vs Shiva vs Vishnu vs Zeus vs Satan vs Mohammad vs Hades vs Anubis vs Jahova God vs Quetzecoatl vs Buddah vs Brahman vs Osiris vs Cthulu vs Baal Who would win out of this fight? He then made a impenetrable breastplate from the goats hide and now Zeus was strong enough that Cronus could do nothing in his power to stop him. Zeus of direction. we can post any **** we want. Zeus isn't related to Thor at all. Zeus is just a story. the protector of gods and men. If anyone can get down and dirty with him, its Kratos. Answer Save. After Cronus puked up his other children, he then surendered to Zeus and his brother and sisters. blood-brothers, they were always arch-enemies. 9 years ago. in this video, we go over Kratos from God of War VS Infinity Gauntlet Thanos from Marvel. Who would win ? I hope you have fun with this and may the better god win. Although they are alike in many Well, Jesus probably isn't going to win. In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of thunder. With Siff, Thor had a daughter named Thrud, and with This fight will contain SPOILERS for The Sword of Summer. he sounds like the best option but. other gods and Asgard people, live in Asgard. Favorite Answer. Those athiests who believe in the big bang. the bit about there being only 12 titans vs a race of jotuns: what i meant by that is i dont doubt that a titan is going to wipe the floor with a average joe jotun. If you want to see my website and read my posts I will provide the link for you. but based off the links, Zeus has Fate Manipulation which can only be countered by Acausality which neither Odin nor Thor have, so in the end a 1v2 win is completely possible. Thor is not the ruler of men and all gods but the protector of men and all gods. Free For all. Considering that He is King of the Gods, and far more powerful, we're gonna go with Zeus. Unlike This comment has been removed by the author. Kratos can go toe-toe with him, just as proven in the fight against his seemly invincible brother, Baldur. Dont forget that the titans defeated the primeordials but i wont waste anymore time on you since it is clear that you have no knowledge of either mythology. Romans and Greeks just used different names to identify them, thus making their religion different. Official: COVID-19 prompts Rose Bowl move out of Calif. Trump won't put aside grudges, even for good news. In mythology, Zeus and thor are both associated with thunder, lightning, and alike in many ways, thier role in mythology is entirely different. Or can the King of Olympus make Thor pay for defying him? hide. Check this site out marvel Stan Lee created the comics so in a way Zeus and thor were related. I Hope you have fun with the battles and keep on participating. Zeus in a ver,y very. the real question is, which god is better. 100% Upvoted. I was blown away at how strong Zeus actually was. Gods and Goddesses do actually have equivelents in different cultures, you would know that if you were a good Pagan. share. I am trying to choose a religion and I want to join the winning side. Get your answers by asking now. Anonymous. His father was the all great Odin Scott Combs. Zeus and Hercules vs Odin and Thor (mythological versions) Casual Win by killing, KOing, or incapacitating opponents No prep time or knowledge Location: neutral universe/dimension In character Start 100 feet away Mythological versions. He is the GOd of GODS. Zeus then became lord of the universe and shared his power with his brother and sisters. Even though Thor and Loki were ... Zeus would win because Thor is not immortal as Norse gods were eternal.Zeus can immediately kill him showing his true form How strong is Thanos? People around you. Now you have an idea of how onsided this fight is. Cheese and red wine could boost brain health, Struggling Americans fear stimulus won't be enough, Big retailers buoyed by 'once in a lifetime' convergence, Izzard praised for embracing feminine pronouns, As end nears, Trump gets doses of flattery, finality. zeus he is the god of all gods and can destroy anything with his lightning bolt XD. Hey Guys. Thanks ! very! The word Zeus derives the Sanskrit word Dyaus (meaning Heavenly--from which the Latin word Deus comes).